Our Services

Mattress Disinfection

Dream Hygiene Thailand uses cutting edge mattress disinfection technology, facilities are
increasingly turning their backs on dangerous chemicals and opting for safer, more effective technologies. Dream Hygiene Thailand are able to offer the Infection Protection System (IPS) to help you provide protection to anywhere where someone chooses to rest/sleep.

We offer designed technology options for:

  • Hotels/Resorts/Air BnB/ Backpackers
  • Residential & Nursing Homes
  • Households
  • Government Embassies
  • Health Care


Dream Hygiene Co., Ltd is a Thai company based in Bangkok, specialising in providing a
service using a new generation Germicidal Ultra Violet Lights (GUVL) sanitizing machine,
which provides human safe, broad spectrum, long term eco-friendly microbial control and
mattress sanitization protection.

The safest and cleanest mattress sanitizing available

Our new generation mattress sanitization machine is changing hotel
hygiene, health and sanitizing paradigms, and now also used extensively by leading global hotels

  • Sleep hygienically
  • Fresher – longer mattress life
  • Helps eliminate Asthma and allergy triggers
  • No Chemicals – Environmentally Friendly